Work on the GUI is a continuous effort which usually comes in bursts followed by weeks of other activities. When a certain amount of new features have been implemented they are collected in a new release. However, a number of people have asked me for a means to be able to down-load new GUI versions and updates in between full releases.

The latest version of the GUI can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The zip file only contains the executable since it is assumed that the present release of the GUI (at the moment V3.11) is installed and working so that an installation of the other program components is not necessary anymore. It is sufficient to un-zip the file into the program older which contains the executable of the present release. Double clicking the executable will start the new GUI. A new feature is that the new GUI will search for the calibration file of the previous release (3p11, 3p10, 3p9, 3p8) in the folder it is installed in. it will then copy the old calibration file to a new file. The old version will not be “un-installed,” and you can use both the old and the new version independent of each other. The table below lists the new features and bug fixes for every new version.

If you have ideas for modifications, new features, ideas, or have found a bug, please let me know so that we can find a way to implement it in a new version. Please check this page regularly if you want to keep updated.

Version: Date: Description:
GUI 3.11.1 17-nov-2013
  • When the GUI does not find a version 11 cal file, it will search for a version 10, 9 or 8 cal file and copy that one to a version 11 cal file.
  • Pins form & frame names corrected.
  • Odd rounding of numbers in QT forms corrected (Martin)
  • Odd rounding of numbers in legend corrected (Fabio)
  • Bug in saving block format data files removed (Spence)
  • ”store Ia” along axis changed to “stored Ia”
GUI 3.11.2 8-feb-2014 Improved grid voltage calibration procedure. Read more about it Here (This is a very long page, you may need to scroll down manually to section 28).
GUI 3.11.3 11-feb-2014 Added the option to change the names of the electrodes on the “Pins” form. Read more about it here.
GUI 3.11.4 1-aug-2014
  • Added are measurement types which make is possible to measure tetrodes and pentodes with distributed loading (so called Ultra-Linear mode). Read more about it here.
  • Added option for a beep after a measurement is finished
GUI 3.11.5 1-sep-2014 In this version a number of important new features have been added:
  • A new tool has been added to determine the harmonic distortion from a set of output curves for a resistive load! Read more about it here.
  • A measurement type has been added to evaluate directly the effect of Schade feedback. Read more about it here.
  • The measurement as well as the stored measurement are now stored in the set-up file. This makes it possible to store a kind of “standard” tube, or to retrieve a curve for future (harmonic distortion) analysis. Read more about it here.
  • Auto grid bug solved, and the number of decimals in the legend increased to 2 (Ale)
GUI 3.11.6 21-sep-2014 In this version a number of new features have been added to the QuickTest:
  • It is now possible to enter nominal values for all currents and parameters which are all saved in the setup file. Read more about it here.
  • The layout of the forms has been improved according to suggestions made by Martin Manning.
  • The measured Quicktest data can be written to a file in the form of a report. Read more about it here..
  • Last but not least, the end-of-measurement-beep now also signals the end of a Quicktest.
GUI 3.12.1 25-mrt-2015 Plotting of point that are off-scale or that have generated a compliance error is omitted! At the same time a bug has been solved which caused measurements stored in the setup file not to be plotted.
GUI 3.12.2 8-jul-2015 The unintended resetting of the GUI when the calibration form is opened has been corrected.
GUI 3.12.3 31-jan-2018 Both the low voltage hardware option as well as the grid loupe option have been added.
GUI 3.12.4 22-May-2018 Maximum value that can be entered for the axis has been increased to 1M
GUI 3.12.5 24-Dec-2018 The maximum delay time has been increased to 30000 to facilitate re-forming of capacitors. Also a problem related to the quicktest in combination with the low voltage version has been solved.
GUI 3.12.6 6-Jan-2019 This versions contains the necessary modifications to be able to use the uTracer for higher currents (read more here). Also a number of bugs in the quicktest were removed.
  • It has become possible to specify the value of the current sense resistors in the calibration form. The values are saved to the calibration file.
  • A button has been added in the calibration form to reset all calibration values.
  • The maximum value for the nominal anode and screen current values in the quicktest form have been increased to 1000.
  • An irritating bug that caused unnecessary warning messages in the quicktest has been removed.
  • A bug which caused problems when the GUI was used for the Low Voltage version has been removed.

Readers of my pages will have discovered that I sometimes like to add personal touches to my pages.
This set if pictures is a souvenir of a short holiday to beautiful Rome in the autumn of 2013.
Apart from the fact that during this holiday some nice ideas for the upcoming release were conceived,
the pictures are just there because I like to be reminded, from time to time, of the fantastic time we had in that great city.