Ordering procedure
If you would like to order a kit or another item, or just want to make further inquiries, simply click on one of the links below.
We - my wife (who is taking care of administration and shipment) and I – will then contact you with further information on availability, payment and shipment.

Note, the new prices as from the 5th of March 2023!

Complete uTracer3+ kit (400 V version) – Click here
Including all components, the programmed PIC controller, the PCB and an extensive printed construction manual.
Not included are: tube sockets, selector switches and power cord.
Price: € 219,- (€ 235,- via PayPal) including shipment by National Post worldwide.

Complete uTracer6 kit (1000 V version) – Click here
Including all components, the programmed PIC controller, the PCB and an extensive printed construction manual.
Not included are: tube sockets, selector switches and power cord.
Price: € 329,- (€ 350,- via PayPal) including shipment by National Post worldwide.

uTracer6 positive grid extension board – Click here
This shield for the uTracer6 makes it possible to use positive grid biases up to +100V and measure the resulting grid current (read here).
Note, works only with the uTracer6! The kit includes the PCB and all the necessary components.
Price: € 80,- (€ 85,- via PayPal) including shipment by regular mail, worldwide, without tracking number.
Shipment with tracking number is possible, additional costs depend on region.

In case the above links do not open your mail browser, you can directly mail me at: ronald@dos4ever.com

Should I buy a uTracer3+ or a uTracer6?
The uTracer3+ is perfect for 80% of all common tubes. If you are a radio amateur, or use very powerful amplifier tubes, the uTracer6 might be more suitable for you. For a detailed comparison between the two, have a look here.

How is the kit shipped?
The kit comes in a flat box. The kits are however fully insured for damage, and come with tracking information. Depending on the destination, most kits are delivered within a week or two, but for some countries it may take a bit longer. So far, all 2600 kits supplied to customers in 63 countries have arrived safely! A few hundred of them have taken the effort to send me a few pictures of their creation and write a few lines for my testimonial page.

How is the payment done?
We are located in Holland (Europe), so for customers within the Eurozone the easiest and cheapest way to pay is via an international bank transfer (IBAN). Customers outside the Eurozone can pay with PayPal although we must charge a little extra because of the scandalous commission PayPal takes! We are not a company, shop or other business and merely do this as a service to other enthusiasts and for the fun of the contacts with many people around the world. We therefore cannot accept any other form of payment like credit card etc. Sorry!

Why are sockets and switches etc. not included?
Most people have their own ideas about a case, which tube sockets to use, and how to connect the uTracer to the tube sockets (wire and plug, rotary switches etc.) Have a look at the pictures they have sent me of the beautiful instruments they have made! For this reason, I have limited the kit to just the electronics. Most people can lay their hands on an old laptop power supply, so to reduce the price and cost of shipment this is also not included. The kit thus includes the PCB, the components and the programmed PIC controller. For people who insist on building their own uTracer from scratch, I offer the programmed PIC microcontroller for a fair price to cover handling and shipment.

The response for the uTracer kits have taken us completely by surprise! I order the PCBs and components in batches so that I can assemble 50 kits at a time. I always try to have some kits on stock.

If you would like to order one, or make inquiries, do not hesitate to send me an email.

uTracer3 in service:

uTracers6 in service:

Total number of uTracers in service 2632 in 63 countries!


In order to avoid disappointment, I strongly recommend that before ordering the kit or the programmed PIC,
the GUI software is downloaded and tested according to the recommendations in the download section!


This kit is the result of many requests from the readers of my uTracer weblog pages to make this project available as a kit for those who do not have the means to build the circuit from scratch. The preparation of the kit has cost me a lot of time and effort, and I make little or no profit on it.

The design of the circuit, PCB, the selection of the components as well as the preparation of this document have all been done with the greatest care to prevent disappointment. Nevertheless, small errors and or omissions may have occurred and I will be grateful if they are reported to me.

In case of any problems occurring during the construction of the kit, I will be happy to offer assistance by email as good as possible. It is unfortunately not within my means to offer any kind of guarantee or refund.

4Finally, I would like to stress that the voltages which are generated by the circuit can give you a nasty shock and are potentially lethal. I can never be held responsible for any accident or injury resulting from the use of the uTracer circuit.

Purchase of this kit implies that you agree with these conditions!

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