Programmable anode and screen supplies
0 to 400 V @ 200 mA
0 to 1000 V @ 1 A
Programmable negative grid supply
0 to -50 V
0 to -100 V
Optional positive grid supply (click here )
0 to 100 V (100 mA)
Programmed PIC separately available for own construction
Number of uTracers in service 1987 in 61 countries 273 in 38 countries
Price including shipment worldwide by regular mail
(Click here to go to the order page)
€199 by IBAN
€209 by PayPal
€299 by IBAN
€315 by PayPal

For a more detailed comparison click here.

The uTracer comes as an easy to assemble kit.

SMDs already soldered, difficult components in labeled bags
and including an extensive step-by-step printed construction manual.
Have a look at the construction manuals: uTracer3+ or uTracer6

Look how others used the uTracer to realize their dream tube tracer / tester!

For many more examples have a look at here: uTracer3+ or uTracer6

To order your uTracer read the instructions on the order page


Jimmy from Indonesia made a very nice video of the construction of his uTracer6!

He also made a very nice video of the uTracer in action!!

Stephen Lafferty wrote a beautiful review article for his website and included the design of a high precision heater supply!!

Zbigniew Stelmasiak from Warsaw compressed the construction of a uTracer into 4 min! Have a look!

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