Dos4ever Privacy Statement

Dos4ever saves contact information (name, e-mail) of individuals and organisations that are interested in Dos4ever and his products (uTracer, programmed PIC-processor etc.). This contact information is used for sending out group mailings.

The sites and does not use cookies.
The sites and do not use any form of data analytics.

We do not share your contact information with other organizations. The only exception is Mailchimp, a web-based service that we use to send our group e-mails from. The privacy policy of Mailchimp can be found here:

If you no longer want us to send you group mailings from, please send an e-mail to We then will adapt your contact information accordingly. You can also click on the unsubscribe-link in any group mailing you received from us. Your contact data will be removed from the dos4ever mailing list immediately.

If you no longer want us to save your contact information at all, please send an e-mail to We will then remove you from our contact database.

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